biochem lab



The Center for Bioprocessing Research and Development is the newest of 2010 centers created through Governor Rounds' 2010 Initiative for Economic Development. The CBRD a collaborative effort between the School of Mines and the South Dakota State University is headquartered on the School of Mines campus. Research activities will be jointlyconducted and co-located on the School of Mines and SDSU campuses. CBRD's focus is on research that leads to new technologies for processing plant-derived lignocellulose materials into biomaterials such as ethanol and key building block chemicals. It is anticipated that these efforts will to reduce the nation’s dependence on petroleum and lower the production of greenhouse gases.

Because of the unique geographical location of the center, local industry by-products, such as agriwaste and logging waste, will play a significant part in providing the feedstock for bio-derived chemicals and fuel research. This research has the potential for a far-reaching impact on the economy of the Black Hills, agribusiness and the State as a whole.

Engineering and science collaborators from the School of Mines, SDSU and the Department of Energy's National Renewable Energy Laboratory, who are leading this effort, represent the fields of agricultural engineering, biochemical engineering, biochemistry, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering and microbiology. Research is focusing on biomass pretreatment, microbial conversion, separations, process simulation and economic analysis, and microbial extermophiles from the Deep Underground Science and Engineering Laboratory.